Transtream Global is scheduled to release it’s new software program in late summer/early fall of 2017. The service is a live cloud based remote video service. Translators will be required to maintain a laptop/desktop computer with a minimum ram of 12 GB and a high quality webcam with high speed internet service.

We’ll provide a complete information package by 6/01/2017 for all applicants who have successfully passed the initial video application. Transtream is an on-demand service programmed to pay translators instantly via their PayPal accounts at the completion of each service call.

Translators will earn from $0.50 to $1.00 per minute of service depending on experience.

If you are a translator and would like to apply as an independent remote translator, simply follow the instructions below.

The following criteria is essential in our translator recruitment process.

While there are so many different factors that figure into each individual translator’s expertise,
we believe that the following represent the core elements for successful translator recruitment.
Answer the following questions, if applicable, in your video application.

  • Are you a native speaker of the language you are applying for as a translator?
  • Do you have a degree or equivalent certification in translation services?
  • Do you have experience in the medical, legal or business/insurance translation services?
  • Do you have English writing and communication skills?

Please submit a personal video application in English.
Describe your qualifications as well as your past work experience.

Once you submit your video application, We will review it and our staff will send out information packages by 6/1/2017.

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