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Visitors to your website can now leave a video message right on your page.

This software is available FREE 🙂 To members in our Facebook group.

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Do Not Submit Practice Videos Or They Will Upload To Our Server.

This is essentially a built in video camera for your website. It is used for capturing self made videos from users anywhere in the world. A user, clicks The record video button and records a video. When they have finished, they have the option to replay, retake if they are not happy with it or save and submit it to our server. At that point, you access it from your admin panel. From there you add it to your Facebook live show, or upload it to YouTube on its own. You can also combine it with other videos and make a compilation video. See an example on our How To Make Birthday Videos Tab.

With Facebook Live, you can transition between live and recorded videos.
Your viewers will think it’s a live event with guests.

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